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Keisuke Ramen King

I am working with Keisuke to help a national Ramen chain.  We aim to raise an initial $5m in convertible notes and then a series at  $15-$20m.  We have mapped out over 20 locations in NY and LA where the initial launch is planned.



Chef Keisuke Takeda is the founder of Ramen Keisuke, the largest ramen chain in Singapore. His Tonkotsu ramen has attracted a cult-like following. He was the winner of the 2011 Tokyo Ramen Championship, where he competed against a field of 30,000 chefs. Chef Keisuke currently operates 23 outlets in Japan and 21 outlets in Singapore. In late 2019, the Singapore Airlines announced a collaboration with Chef Keisuke that let passengers choose from four Ramen Keisuke specialty dishes on rotation for six months as part of their “Book the Cook” service.

Investment Opportunity

Currently, small “mom-and-pop” ramen shops operate inefficiently, and few of these businesses serve high quality ramen. Our client has partnered with Chef Keisuke to bring his world-class ramen, along with business efficiencies and consistent quality, to other parts of the world, starting with North America.

The new joint venture, Keisuke Ramen King, aims to offer authentic, delicious, and consistent high-quality ramen selections developed by a well-regarded chef over multiple locations by integrating technology and leveraging operational efficiencies.

  • Authentic Ramen Selections: standard offerings will be Chef Keisuke’s signature Tonkotsu broth ramen, lobster broth ramen, vegetarian ramen, and gluten-free ramen
  • Adoption of Technology: use of mobile applications and self-serving kiosks reduce labor costs while driving engagement and data analytics to optimize business development and strategy
  • Deploy Operational Efficiencies: use of centralized kitchen, automated equipment, specialized take-out packaging, minimal overhead/skilled labor, and three core distribution channels (ramen bar/stall, grab & go, third party food delivery services)

Our client has been an operator in the food and beverage space for over a decade with two successful exits. Keisuke Ramen King is his dedicated and primary business venture for the foreseeable future.

We are working on identifying a strategic partner to fund a $[5]m early seed investment (“Project King”) with another $[15-20]m in a follow-on round.