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mHeart is a patient-initiated triage and early detection mobile health (mHealth) solution which transforms the evaluation of “chest pain” by enabling patients to triage themselves wherever they may be. With mHeart, cardiac and non-cardiac patients can rapidly and accurately determine if their “chest pain” warrants emergent vs. elective treatment without having to engage a clinician as the first point of contact or a hospital’s emergency department (ED).  As more people, including clinicians, use mHealth apps as a primary source of information, wearable devices and mHealth apps among patients suffering from chronic diseases have emerged as promising tools for health conditions management. mHeart is a patient initiated triage and early detection mHealth solution comprising a novel wearable device, the vEKG, a cell phone app and the mHeart cloud that together will enable patients to rapidly and accurately triage themselves for “chest pain” wherever they may be.